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Our institution is committed to educating professionals through a methodology that focuses on a practical application of the knowledge taught and on motivating the students to develop their personal abilities. The aim of this method is to acquire the specific competencies necessary for the qualifications we offer.

The following official degree courses are taught in this School:


Students can complete the following studies in the Faculty of Health Sciences:

We have a teaching staff with highly specialised technical and scientific abilities, allowing the students to acquire an excellent theory and practical based education. In addition, as we believe studying extends beyond simply acquiring knowledge, our student support system provides comprehensive training and continuous advice throughout the students’ period of study. We are proud of what we have achieved to this point and the high rate of employment is testament to the excellent education our students receive. For this reason, we welcome you to form part of our future projects, allowing us to prepare you as professionals and integrate you in the extensive labour market of Health Sciences.


Our teaching staff is composed of qualified teachers from the professional and research world who specialise in each of the specific degree fields we offer. Furthermore, they are always at the disposal of the students, ready and willing to guide and accompany them throughout their university education.

From the out start, we would like our students to be part of a teaching vision that is committed to teamwork and ensuring that the students receive the educational support necessary to guarantee their incorporation in the labour market once they have completed their studies. The fundamental pillars of the Faculty of Social Sciences include: the commitment to a methodology that encourages learning and the acquisition of the specific competencies of each specialisation; small groups; practical classes that feature the most up-to-date audiovisual media and labs; work placements; the possibility of an Erasmus scholarship and an international mobility exchange programme.

In our faculty, students have the opportunity to complete studies related to the communication field:
We look forward to you forming part of our educational vision and providing you with a comprehensive education that will guarantee you success in your professional life.