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Why The UEMC?

    1. You will form part of small study groups and receive personalised attention.
    2. You will have support from professors who are committed to your learning.
    3. You will develop your personal skills and socio-occupational abilities.
    4. You will learn in an international environment and have the opportunity to learn languages, as well as to gain official language certifications in the Language Centre.
    5. You will have access to more than 1600 agreements with companies and institutions related to each of the degrees and postgraduates that are offered by the University.
    6. You will have supplementary training and seminars about current issues.
    7. You will have the opportunity to obtain an International Double Degree.
    8. You will receive career guidance that foments entrepreneurial spirit.
    9. You will be able to benefit from our career service, which gives you access to job opportunities for UEMC alumni.
    10. You will experience the highest educational standards.