Walney´s experience

 Studying in the UEMC was an exceptional experience.
The fears that any student has when coming from another country, such as “Where will I live?”, “Will I  have enough to live on?” or “Who will help me to cut through everyday red tape?”, were put to rest by the excellent International Relations Department at the UEMC (Maru, the office director was like a mother to me), fellow students and lecturers.

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All of them were very supportive with me and with the other foreign students. I was also surprised by the infrastructure and the quality of the teaching staff, taking into account that the University was only founded a few years ago. It was two years ago that I returned to Brazil and I miss everything I experienced both inside and outside the University.
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  •  Walney Barbosa Dos Reis 
  • Brasil
  • Degree in Advertising and Public Relations
  • 23