rafael´s experience

Studying at the UEMC was one of my most incredible experiences. I was able to make friends, learn new things with highly qualified lecturers and go on really interesting trips organised by the university.  The entire UEMC team was really friendly, especially the international team.

 One of my most memorable moments at the UEMC was when the students were given an external mobile phone battery as a Christmas present..., it had been ages since I’d been given a Christmas present.  As far as Valladolid is concerned as a city, it’s an unforgettable home away from home! The city has a low cost of living, has elegant and friendly people, interesting sites for tourists and the best of all: fantastic festivals!! They were the best 6 months of my life without the shadow of a doubt. I miss everything! I want to go back!!!
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  •   Rafael João Da Silva 
  • Brasil
  • Degree in Audiovisual Communication & Degree in Business Administration and Management
  • 25