Paula´s experience

I studied Technical Architecture at the UEMC through the Science without Borders exchange programme organised by the Brazilian Government. 
The UEMC has so much to offer, well-prepared staff and a fantastic physical structure. In spite of being a small university, compared to the campus you see in Brazilian universities, it has everything you need to have a great time whilst there.


I was surprised by the welcome given by lecturers, students and staff, from the Chancellor’s Office to the cleaning service.  Knowing the reputation of the people from Valladolid, at the UEMC I found them to be very helpful, good-humoured and ready to learn about new cultures and to share theirs.
Valladolid is one of those cities which are beautiful and relaxing. There are many museums and cultural and gastronomic activities throughout the year (the main one being the Fiestas de la Virgen de San Lorenzo in September). For lovers of a tropical climate the winter can come as a bit of a shock, not to mention the summer as well!
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  •  Paula Araujo  
  • Brasil
  • Degree in Technical Architecture
  • 22