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The Miguel de Cervantes European University would like to accompany you in your learning process and future development from the international perspective that the global 21st century society demands. To do so, we offer a hands-on teaching staff with highly specialised academic and professional profiles who work with the most innovative methods to help maximise both personal and technical abilities, whilst giving you the opportunity to learn and perfect your Spanish: the second most studied language in the world. We are convinced that the teaching you receive will generate the essential aptitudes and values to incorporate successfully in the labour market. This is our total commitment to you.

We have designed our entire educational policy, human and technical resources, the infrastructure and organisation of the university itself, so that our students are able to benefit from the highest educational standards, all while immersing themselves in Spanish culture and society on our young and dynamic campus. It is located in the historic, medium-sized city of Valladolid that is both accessible and safe. Our University is at the forefront of the development of effective personalised support, tutorials that help to reinforce abilities and boost results and education through modern information technologies and communication.

Ultimately, what defines our on campus and online academic offer is quality, innovation in the teaching process and orientation towards employability for each and every one of our students. We want to connect these three elements in each of you to accompany you in your journey towards becoming competent, upstanding professionals who are full of talent. We believe in our students. We believe in you. This is our way forward. We would like all of our students to adopt this spirit in the UEMC-style. Your University.

We look forward to seeing you.

Imelda Rodríguez Escanciano