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The Free-Mover Programme allows university students of any nationality to study official degree subjects at The Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) for one semester (at least 30 ECTS credits) or a full academic year (up to 60 ECTS credits).

Students who participate in the Free-Mover Programme do not need to request an academic transfer of records from their university as the UEMC will not issue any qualifications at the end of their stay, however the students will be issued with an academic certificate reflecting the subjects they have completed and the marks they have obtained.  

Students who wish to have the credits they obtained at UEMC validated or recognised to be included in their academic record must arrange this with their home university. Students from universities with which UEMC has a framework agreement in place may go to their International Affairs department or office for assistance.  

Foreign students in the Free-Mover Programme must comply with the current Spanish legislation on visas, insurance and other legal requirements.

Should a student wish to continue studying at UEMC once their maximum period of stay (one academic year) has elapsed, they must follow the regular transfer and validation request procedure that foreign students who are continuing with the same studies follow.  Furthermore, they must update their legal documentation, such as visas, insurance, etc. (students normally have to return to their home country to do this).

University Studies Available

Students in the Free-Mover Programme may select subjects from any of the UEMC’s official degree courses (excluding the Dentistry Degree). The subjects can be selected from the catalogue, which can be found in the syllabus for each course. Students are able enrol in subjects from the year and course of their choice, however they must take into consideration that class attendance is compulsory and therefore the times of the classes must be compatible. 

Prices and Scholarships

Students in the Free-Mover Programme must pay the full enrolment amount (registration and fees) that corresponds to each study block. For guidance purposes, the cost of 60 ECTS credits (one academic year) is approximately €7,000.

The fees applicable to students from universities with which the UEMC has a signed framework agreement will be those stated in the agreement.

University Regulations

As is the case for all students in the Miguel Cervantes European University, students in the Free-Mover Programme are subject to complying with the rules and regulations of the University, the academic calendar, exams, etc.

The marking system for subjects in which the student is enrolled is in accordance with the system established in the Regulations of Teaching Planning, Exams, Assessment, Qualifications and Record of Final Marks.


Spanish is the teaching language at UEMC. For students in the Free-Mover Programme whose mother tongue is not Spanish, the University offers a 30-hour Spanish course, free of charge, at the beginning of each semester.

The UEMC is a test centre for DELE (the Instituto Cervantes’ Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language), as well as for Cambridge ESOL exams, therefore students are able to both receive classes and be accredited in these languages during their stay. The Language Centre also offers 60-hour courses for French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (consult prices for both the official exams and the language courses).


The International Affairs Office will provide students with information and advice to arrange their accommodation in Valladolid; there is the option of both halls of residencies and shared flats.

Applications and Deadlines

The UEMC offers students the possibility to spend one semester or a full academic year.

The deadline dates for mobility programme applications can be consulted below:

1st semester 

 30th June


30th June 

2nd semester 

20th December

The Universities of origin, where the students are matriculated, must send by email the following details:

Full name, degree, the requested period of stay and contact email to the International Affaris Office:

Once the UEMC has confirmed that the student has been accepted in the Latin America Mobility Programme, the student must complete the electronic form and attach the following information:

  • Personal Information Sheet
  • 1 scanned passport photo (file size 600x600 pixels)
  • Passport or Identification Card, scanned in .pdf format.
  • European Health Insurance Card or Medical Insurance Policy, scanned in .pdf format.

(*) If the mentioned documents are not attached, it will not be possible to submit the form.

The admission approval certificate for the visa application will be issued after having received all of the documents mentioned above. The UEMC will email the scanned approval directly to the student and send the original by post to the contact indicated by the sending University.

Universities that currently have an agreement in place with UEMC

  • UNIFACS UNIVERSIDADE SALVADOR, Salvador de Bahía, Brazil.
  • Centro Universitário IBMR, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Centro Universitário Christus (UNICHRISTUS), Ceará, Brasil
  • UNIVERSIDADE POTIGUAR, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Academic Information

The student should send the Learning Agreement with their subject choices to be approved before the start of their stay. Any amendments they wish to make to the Learning Agreement may be made during the first month of the study period.

Regarding subject choices, it is important to remember that the students are free to choose any subject from the degree programme of their choice, provided the classes do not coincide in the timetable, and the subject has been activated during the enrolment period.

Study programmes for all degrees can be consulted at:


More information

For further information, the students can contact the UEMC International Affairs Office; they should have all the necessary details at their disposal to ensure a prompt and personalised response.

International Affairs Office


Tfno.: (+34) 983 00 1000 Ext.- 1134