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Valladolid is a Province with a rich history and great cultural legacy. Discover our culture, a visible testimony to the history of different areas of the province. Monuments, sculptures, historical sites, archaeological areas and churches await you. A notable characteristic of Valladolid is the fact that it is one of the European regions with the highest number of castles and in order for everyone to be able to benefit from them and enjoy them many are being restored.

Magical places

One of the areas that encompasses the exact spirit of the region is Urueña; it is an area that greets visitors with its castle and walled enclosure in which both the puertas de Azogue and the Villa can be seen. What is more, you can also find the Renaissance Santa Maria del Azogue church and the Romanesque chapel of Anunciada. The Casona de Mayorazga is home to the Ethnographical Centre of Joaquín Díaz, which displays a collection of instruments and bells and is dedicated to traditional culture.

Sacred and secular

The cultural heritage includes an interesting offer of colourful processions. The Holy Week is considered to be of International Tourist Interest; it is an authentic grand finale of Baroque in polychrome wood that extends across the streets of the province. Other celebrations of great importance include the celebration of Nuestra Señora and San Roque, the Toro de la Vega, the Vitor, Vendimia, Traditional Running of the Bulls, the Descent of the Angel or the Live Nativity scene. These celebrations attract more and more visitors every day.

The home of Ribera

Ribera del Duero is famous for its excellent wines. In this area, there are several distinguished wines, such as, Valbuena, Quintanilla or Pesquera. However, Ribera del Duero DO wines are not our only wines, in fact, those from Rueda DO were considered to be of the Court in the Catholic Kings era; the wines from Cigales rosé DO, fine and aromatic to the palate, and the wines from Toro DO are all magnificent wines too.

Source: The City Council of Valladolid and the Provincial Government of Valladolid