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Diversity, variety and quality are the terms that best define what seems to be the limitless cultural offer of Valladolid. Valladolid has a vibrant programme of stage performances in theatres, music halls and community centres; concerts and musical events; as well as exhibitions and cinema screenings throughout the year. 


Cinema is essential in a city like Valladolid, the home of SEMINCI.  The most distinguished festival of the city offers programmes dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of audiovisual art, monthly events organised by community centres and the ‘Casa de la India’, as well as themed screenings in different municipal buildings, commercial cinemas and museums.


Valladolid is the ideal place for learning the language of Cervantes or perfecting your knowledge of the Castilian language. Students studying Spanish will discover that Valladolid is known for being the place where the purest Spanish is spoken. It is a safe and comfortable city with a range of amenities on offer. Moreover, the selection of literature and reading Valladolid has to offer is extensive and varied. Books feature greatly in the leisure time of the people of Valladolid: presentations of the latest publications, meetings with authors, recitals and readings, bibliographical exhibitions...


Visiting Valladolid means losing yourself in a world of monuments, museums, heritage, and places that inspired great writers. Discover what to see in Valladolid with our selection of guided tours, or where to eat with our restaurant guide and for wine tourism lovers, there is even the possibility to visit the best wineries.