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The University, as a provider of qualified human capital, a source of new knowledge and a conveyor of existing knowledge for the production sector and society as a whole, is required to play a leading role in driving growth and prosperity.  The Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) accepts this challenge and makes it its own by working to respond to the growing demand for qualified personnel with the capacity to be innovative and entrepreneurial, while developing their work on a global level. Similarly, the concept of internationalisation at the UEMC goes beyond student mobility. It integrates and coordinates key aspects such as the internationalisation of training curricula, international employability and entrepreneurship, language learning, talent circulation, the internationalisation of research, international cooperation in knowledge transfer with companies, the uniting of joint international qualifications with foreign entities, experience sharing and good practices, internationalisation at home, Spanish as a foreign language, etc. To show our commitment to this goal, we have established the Strategic Plan for the Internationalisation of the UEMC. Its objective is to highlight and improve the UEMC’s global image, so that teaching, research and knowledge transfer are fully integrated in the 21st century global society.